CBD 101
CBD 101

CBD 101

Everything You Need to Know About the Skincare Trend

Words by Monica Weymouth

CBD is having a moment. From lattes to candles to dog treats, the trendy ingredient has been popping up here, there, and everywhere. Now, it’s making its debut in some of our favorite skincare collections.

“CBD is something we’re really excited about,” says Emily Watkins, Anthropologie’s assistant beauty buyer and our resident CBD evangelist. “It has so many therapeutic benefits, it’s completely natural, and it just makes your skin glow.”

So, what exactly is this magical potion?

There’s quite a bit of confusion surrounding CBD, so let’s start from the beginning.

Short for “cannabidiol,” CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Yes, that cannabis plant. But not to worry – while it’s certainly buzzy these days, CBD won’t actually get you buzzed. Unlike its cousin, THC, CBD produces absolutely no psychoactive effects.

The cannabis plant has two main species: hemp and marijuana. CBD is found in both plants, but commercial products are usually derived from hemp, which has much higher concentrations of CBD and contains only trace amounts of THC.

While the therapeutic properties of CBD are nothing new, until recently, commercial hemp farming was illegal or severely restricted in many states. With the legalization of medical marijuana, CBD and hemp have become more readily available – and less stigmatized.

Now that the basics are covered, let’s get down to the good stuff. Here are three reasons to lean into the latest skincare trend.

1: CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory.

Whether ingested or applied topically, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it ideal for those who experience inflammation-related acne and redness.

“I’ve always had problems with redness and uneven tone, and I’ve seen a significant improvement since adding CBD products to my skincare routine,” says Emily. “When I wake up, I have bright, even skin, which is completely new for me.”

Some of our favorite lotions, serums, and masks include other plant-based extracts – such as calendula, chamomile, and argan oils – to calm and soothe the skin.

2: It decreases oil production.

When it comes to healthy, glowing skin, inflammation is Public Enemy No. 1. But excess oil isn’t far behind, causing everything from blocked pores to pesky pimples to shiny foreheads.

Thankfully, CBD can help with oily skin, too. Studies have shown that CBD can help regulate oil production in the sebaceous glands, preventing breakouts and possibly eliminating the need for harsher cleansers.

“Personally, I have dry skin, but a CBD wash or toner can be great if you have an oily T-zone,” says Emily.

3: It’s seriously moisturizing.

The secret to great skin? Three words: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

The seeds of the hemp plant can be used to make hemp oil, which has long been prized for its ultra-moisturizing properties. When combined with CBD, hemp oil delivers a radiant, dewy glow from head to toe.

“I give CBD body lotions to everyone – friends, coworkers, even my mom and dad,” says Emily. “It helps to soothe dry skin in the winter, and rehydrate skin during the summer when you’re more likely to be in the sun.”